Cotton Candy Morning

Cotton Candy Morning

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Liner Notes: 

The sky reminded me of cotton candy this morning so I thought I'd write about it. Love to have someone to do the music and vocals.


Cotton Candy Morning
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Early dawn
Coffee in hand
I look outside
It's fairyland

Morning light
An open sky
A bird chirps
And I sigh

The sky is soft pink and blue
Fluffy clouds are forming
As I watch them begin to float
I think it's a cotton candy morning
A lovely cotton candy morning

I open the door
Breathe in deep
Feel the wonder
Surrounding me

The light changes
The clouds move
Somehow this dawn
I feel so loved

Repeat chorus

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i need a few of these cotton candy mornings. spring is taking such a long time to break through the grey winter skies.

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Im opposite to Bill. Its been so dry we never see clouds just blue sky. I love a few clouds sitting watching what i can see in the clouds. Nice one this!

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I've seen a few of those in my time however, I'm on my way to work so I don't get to enjoy them as much as you do in this song. I do however, have a cool idea for some music to this. May I have a go at this please Smile