Can’t Stop Us Now

Can’t Stop Us Now

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Liner Notes: 

The last song in the lyric morph. I provided the seed song and felt compelled to put it to music. As my 50th post I made it meta.


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Can’t Stop Us Now
Ukelele chords: Cadd9 - ooo5; C - ooo3; Cmaj7 - ooo2; C6 - oooo; Bb6 - o565; A7 - o454; G - o232; Fadd9 - oo1o; D - 222o; Eadd11 - 444o; F - 555o; Gadd9 - 777o; A - 999o;

Let’s write a song 'bout gratitude
Work out our graceless attitude
Listen close to muse’s changes
And don't try to rearrange it
There’s much to learn in the mirror
To work it out just why we fear
In blind eye pursuit of perfection
Critics insurrection

Its up to us
The paths we choose
We can’t ignore
Obvious clues
Its up to us
The 50 songs we sing
We can't ignore
The love and truth

When writing to formula leaves us shaken
Conveying confessions past forsaken
Hidden in the subconscious
Midden fits and starts
Our future rests on all of us
Write out the ones that cause the pain
Release ourselves high and low
To break the chains

Repeat chorus

Self-abuse is diminished
Writers block is modulated
Write, play and sing it out
Can’t stop us now
Let's make a vow

Repeat chorus

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some very good lines and the relatively simple delivery suits it very well. nice

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There's a lot to think about here. Some of it strikes me as delightfully cryptic, but ultimately it strikes me as a joyous call to love and creativity. Yes, it's up to us! I like the bare-bones backing track that lets the lyrics shine

(I need to do a meta song this year--though they're all crypto-meta, I guess)