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Do you really know me?
Would you hate me if I told you
I’m not the person you think that I am?
I’ve got secrets all locked up inside of my head,
And I don’t really feel right
And I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like
This before
Of course it’s you that I fell for,
But I’m so afraid if you knew the real me,
You’d know I’m not as certain as I pretend to be.
If you really knew me,
Would you still keep me company?
Cause I’m not afraid of being alone anymore
I don’t usually care enough to get out the door
And I don’t feel like anyone
And I don’t wanna be anyone
Didn’t want to start the fire
But all it took was a spark
And up in flames it went
My defenses they burned away,
Crumbled down in the blaze
Now I’m defenseless and I’m falling again,
But I don’t know who I am
Still I don’t know who I am

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i see that indie dream pop fusion thing! it certainly works . I like the very Indie start but it does get more dreamy. a touch sad but real life at times