Gently, I Walk

Gently, I Walk

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Liner Notes: 

Another fine lyric by John @oneslowtyper. This time more symbolic, epic and maybe a bit fantasy-slash-fairy story-like.

Last week I had the original verses composed. It was then six verses all with the same melody ending with la-la-refrain. Today I added a different melody for every second verse making it three longer verses ending with la-la-refrain and it worked much better.

Thanks, John, for these lyrics. They were easy to put into music and this one feels like one of your best this year. They're all best, of course.

Only five songs to go. And I've given 397 comments to date. Never thought I'd get this far. Smile


Gently, I Walk

The wind gently flows.. through the valley of Kings
Touching your soul… and spreading your wings
The sun always follows.. the path that was made
As faeries rejoice in the haze…

See.. the young children, asleep in their bed
Innocence rising to call out the day
Hear the sweet laughter aloft in the air
Their world is a world without care

La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la - laaa

Gently, I walk thru a world that’s on edge
Enjoying a brief glimpse of peace…
The devil is out there, and he is awake
But give me this moment to breathe…

The wind gently flows.. through the valley of Kings
Touching my soul… and spreading my wings
The sun feels so lovely… you must have a taste
And dare to come out of the shade…

La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa

A child can laugh, when the world is so grim
Why must they do what we say…
We teach them to hate – it’s so hard to relate
As their innocence starts to decay

Gently, I walk thru… the valley of Kings
I wonder… if I have a soul
The devil is out there, and he is awake
And suddenly, I am not whole…

La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa

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this is among oneslowtypers best lyrics brought to life with some of klaus' finest music. a truly stellar collab. love those la las from the childrens chorus

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This is so inspiring! Incredible writing oneslowtypers! With Klaus's magic and the la la's it makes my heart sing!

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Klaus, you captured that carefree feel in this music so well. Love that la-laa-laaa too. It sounds to me like a combination of songs from the Who's Tommy and a pleasant French chanson from the seventies. All this couldn't have come to life without these great lyrics of course.

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First of all, this is a wonderfully nuanced lyric that captures an important message so poetically. The music is such a beautiful platform to deliver the sentiment - the pacing and the acoustic feel are perfect to let the lyric shine. The vocals are really gorgeous. Fantastic collaboration!

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Good lyrics bought to life by Klaus! Reminded me of that almost ethereal quality of Traffic!

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This is simply wonderful. The music perfectly captures that joy in snatching a moment of respite from the pressures of the modern world; @oneslowtyper's evocative lyrics have a classic feel to them and the melodic choices in the song are refreshing and interesting. Loved this one. Downloaded!

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I just absolutely love what Klaus did with this! The la la la's were just filler when I wrote them, but when Klaus had "children" singing that chorus, it helped immensely to put a focus on the lines I wrote about the children, and how we can learn so much from them.
Thanks Klaus, for giving this one so much meaning... and also very enjoyable to just sit and listen, musically.

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Looking at the lyrics...I like the reference to the wind and sun. Hearing laughter...auditory effect. Yeah, the la la is going to be dominant here and I especially like when songwriters show the things so you can test them. I just tested this one and it works ok. The next section feature a spotlight on the sun and some keno touching. Back to the beginning with the warning, the devil is out there. Ok, nice job on the lyrics John. I'm ready for the audio now (laptop speakers this time)...hold. Guitar intro...sounds good...vocals now...sound good...can clearly understand the lyrics...See the young children...hear the sweet la section...I have no idea how you pulled that off Klaus. Vocals very strong in melody and tone...pretty much carrying the la time again...guitar solo...riff...yes, I do believe the singer is key to this demo...not a surprise...the mix is really good. The reviewer has blisters on his fingers and can't type very la and out. Very nice Klaus...sounded really well mixed on this laptop spekears.

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Lovely images in this and the lines present the innocence of children with such grace. Including the darkness in the world shakes up what that draws out, but makes for a deep, thoughtful message. The gentle melody and vocal delivery brings it all out so nicely. The la la las add pure hope and resilience. Great collab!

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This is a very fine collab. Klaus' music envelopes a child's magical view of the world and carries us along with them. I think it was a good choice separating each second verse. It extends the feeling beautifully.