Slow Down

Slow Down

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Liner Notes: 

Was talking to someone about how stressful their life was and this came out.


Slow Down
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Rushing through each day
Like a rabbit in a race
I'd rather be the turtle
If I could just slow down this pace

Mad like dashes here and there
I so need a little peace
The days don't seem long enough
I need some kind of release

I have to slow down
Life is too frantic
The way I'm living
I'm always in a panic
I need to slow...down..

I feel like I'm under attack
The boss is on my back
I'm spread so thin now
I gotta find a way to relax

Instead of flying to my job
I'd rather be far out of reach
Sipping drinks with umbrellas
On some far away sandy beach

Repeat chorus

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I hear this as a fun song about a serious subject but only because it's not really angry lyric. It seems the problem is under control, almost. The rabbit and turtle in the first verse are a really nice way of telling things. One solution is in the last verse: daydreaming. It always worked for me. Smile

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Wonderful message and reminder to all. Really nice change up between verses and chorus.