Flashback To The Dark Age

Flashback To The Dark Age

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Joanne Gabriel - Flashback To The Dark Age

Liner Notes: 

Evoking darkness and fierce battles.

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This does everything the liner notes says. The production and arrangement are really nice, so smooth and pro sounding. The music has enough variation and growth to carry well over the five minutes duration. It's not too busy either so it should work really well as a soundtrack to some fantasy movie. Great job well done.

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This has such a wonderfully epic like feel that is rich full and suspenseful feeling. It creates a sense of dark anticipation. This would be an awesome soundtrack. The layers work so well together and the video image adds to the awesomeness of this production.

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Very strong music, the beat certainly has that march feel and the synths real epic quality!

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I watched this, full-screen, on a big monitor with the sound turned up on my speakers and oh boy, that was a trip - it's given the subwoofer a decent workout! Impeccable layering as always - and the progressively martial elements (the rhythm played on taiko sticks, the crash cymbal, and the shouting) strongly convey the sense of impending battle. The "soundtrack" tag understates things; this is really cinematic in scope.

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After reading the comment about the subwoofer, I went and got a better pair of headphones, and yes, there is a lot going on down there. I like the slow build over the first couple of minutes and ethereal vocals that come in around 2:00. I've listened a couple of times. I think you pick up that melody several times with voice and synth, making it a great motif. There's listening to music and there's talking about music, which are, obviously, different things. As always, you mix up rhythm really nicely, building tension and releasing it. That chanting part is way cool. And then make to the big motif, which is hair-raising in a good way. The real takeaway for me is that the piece is so enveloping that I feel I've lost something when I take the headphones off

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Ominous is the definition of this one. It really feels like going into some disturbing battleground where there is no hope of victory or even to keep our sanity. Then the voices hit, I don't know if they are friendly or foe, but I wanna get away. This is truly awesome!