All That Noise

All That Noise

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Liner Notes: 

Had to work until 4 pm, but couldn't miss two Sunday skirmishes in a row!

My wife and I were leading a meditation workshop, so my song is about what often keeps us from achieving meditative calm and focus.


What’s the matter with my head?
All that chatter – I’m being misled
I try to be still but I keep on spinning
All that noise and it keeps on winning

What’s the trouble with my mind?
Used to be supple – now it’s confined
Close my eyes I just feel blind
All that noise – no peace do I find

I’m trapped in my lounge chair
Feel like I’m being chased by an angry bear
Scary whisper, then a painful shout
All that noise – no way out

What’s the motivation for what I am doing?
What’s the station to which I am tuning?
What meditation? This is agony
All that noise following me

Wait … now I’m sitting quietly
Oh … that noise was just me

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Unique and wonderfully personal and honest feeling take on the skirmish. Something that many of us can easily relate to. I like your treatment of the subject - laid back and flowing. When I try to medicate my mind keeps racing with other thoughts and that frustrates me and just brings on more thoughts. I have not yet mastered the art of clearing my mind.

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I have been meditating again and have that that mind chatter. Great song and skirmish

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Cool, a real life song that's right on the prompt. Very reflective and then the resolution at the end wraps it up beautifully. Good job.

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Looking at the lyrics...I stopped listening Chip as people drive me nuts. That's how I managed to become "sane" Yeah, details skipped but my worrying was (past tense) a very serious problem for me until mid-July 2019. the end. Yeah, the meditation can be very helpful but I suspect you know that better than I do. Good lyrics...I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Uke this time...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...I try to be still but I keep on spinning...all that noise keeps on winning...what's the trouble with my mind...close my eyes I feel just blind...all that noise no peace do I find...chorus changeup now...wait, now I'm sitting quietly, all that noise was just and out. Very cool Chip.