Scented Candles and Neruda: Random collaboration Round 3

Scented Candles and Neruda: Random collaboration Round 3

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Liner Notes: 

I love random collaborations. Enjoyed taking part so much! Thank you Doug for being my collaborator. Your lyrics are very beautiful and truly special.

Doug: We've commented on each other's work before but never collaborated so it was nice to finally do so. This came out so lovely and I'm glad Nadia sang it herself as her sweet voice goes so well with her beautiful piano playing.


'Scented Candles and Neruda'
© 2019 Doug Haberman (lyrics) and Nadia Cripps (music)

The bleeding of the sun
Into the tissue of the sea
Makes you want to run
You say
Though you have no issue with me

Your heart no longer beats
In rhyming rhythm with my own
To share one’s life is sweet
You say
But your vision is to be alone

So I’m back to scented candles and Neruda
Back to gathering sea shells on the beach
It seemed to me
Our dream had come to be
Now you’ve moved it out of reach

I will learn my strength
I say in promise to the clouds
Shrouding me the length
Of day
And I’ll find my solace somehow
Oh, I’ll find my solace somehow
Yes, I’ll find my solace somehow

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Very expressive playing and a lovely melody line to fit these powerfully picturesque lyrics.

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So soft and pleasing to the ear. Lovely melody and such a great matchup!

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The music is perfect for the beautiful lyrics and you did a lovely job delivering the vocals Nadia! I love how thr phrasing of the music rises and falls like the flame of a flickering candle.

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Such a great, perceptive comment, Liz!

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this is my favorite of your many collaborations this season. . dougs lyric has inspired you to write such a beautiful melody and your piano touches my soul.. it is always special when you sing, as you are the best interpreter of your own music

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Looking at the lyrics...pretty heavy opening certainly have a way with words Doug. I like the last line the best though you have no issues with me. Still, the sun, the sea....visual things...I like that. Again, the last line is the killer But your vision is to be alone. Rhyming rhythm heartbeat jumps off the sheet as well. Again, the last line is the bottom line but worth noting another beach visual seashells on the beach. The last section features clouds but the bottom line literally is the bottom line here. I’ll find my solace somehow. I'm ready for the audio now...go Nadia...hold. Piano...vocals now...sounds good...can clearly understand the lyrics...good melody...moody music...fits the lyrics...piano solo...sounds great....vocals again....the bottom line now...and out. Yeah, great it.