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Liner Notes: 

My tinnitus is particularly loud today. But I had an enjoyable time in the park. I scribbled the words, and crept into a (somewhat) quiet bit of woods, hissed and sang/spoke the lyrics. There's only a hint of melody, and I left out a line towards the end


There's an ever present noise in my ears
Some days it's louder than others
It's behind or in front of what I hear
Like an insistent, persistent lover

It's a sound I would love to shun
One I try to ignore
I distract myself with music or bird song
Or what you're saying, mi amor

This noise upsets me
This noise won't let me be

Like the hissing of summer lawns
Or at a villain's dastardly tricks
Or a cricket cicada chorus
A breeze in the leaves, dense and thick

It's a sound I would love to forget
I would slam shut the door
I distract myself with TV or a book
I can't take it any more

This noise upsets me
This noise won't let me be

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Must be unpleasant for you . Parks are full of wonderful noises and your imagery captures it nicely.

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Looking at the lyrics...I once had a ringing in my ears and a woman at work said: "Get use to're going to have it for the rest of your life". Good thing she was wrong. I'm not going comment on your condition Corrine because this is pretty serious. Distract myself sounds like a good plan...birds are visual and auditory. Yes, noise is upsetting and I wrote about that I had to look up cicada (insect)....hissing...details about the sound of the wind. I can't take it anymore. I believe you. Great job on this Corrine. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. vocals...can clearly understand the lyrics...birds...the noise won't let me be...I can't take it anymore...fade out. Good job on this Corrine. Sorry about your hearing annoyance.

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This captures the frustration and symptoms of tinnitus so well - so sorry it is your personal experience with it that gives you the first hand knowledge. Love the ambient park noises.

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The worst thing about tinnitus is that I can no longer hear silence. Good song about a bad thing.

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I am glad you were able to write about something that must be hard to bear at times. Nice skirmish

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I feel like I'm right there with you as you create this song. The background sound, the in-the-now vocal ... good stuff. Vivid images. Bummer about your tinnitus - you seem to handle it well, though, and even get some creative juice from it.
Thanks, as always, for the skirmish prompts!