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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish 9/15/2019 "Noise"

Original Skirmish:

Update Version 2: 9/15/2019




I want to make noise
For all the girls and boys
Sometimes they call it music
Sometimes it makes them sick

I got a noisy neighbor and we take turns
Turning up the volume until it burns
Then we talk about it and the problem is over
Until the next time he use his god dang mower
I leave my door open and my stereo blasting
Play my music because I like to be hassling
But he's actually a really cool dude
He just makes a lot of noise and he get pretty rude


Making noise with my guitars
Leaving the neighbors with head scars
What the hell is that noise
It's just me and my toys
I have a fender strat have a line 6 amp
Nobody going to tell me that I can't
I plan to make a lot of noise today
Because I like being noisy that way

Cops at my house because my music too loud
Neighbors are complaining again
Yes sir mister police officer
Sorry for disturbing the neighbors
And next

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This is a stitch! I love the one upmanship with noise! Crank up the amp and cause head scars! Perfect! Fun perspective and the music is perfect.

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Good skirmish mate. A real life relatable story! Nice simple progression is just right to listen to this! I enjoyed this, very neat for a skirmish.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. Your guitar sounds awesome. I can relate to your song I have a couple of noisy neighbors too lol.

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Back in the day when we'd move into a new band house the cops would come once then life would go on. This brought me some good memories. Nowadays I have a Strat AND a lawnmower so I can make twice the noise!

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What the hell is that noise
It's just me and my toys - almost spilled some coffee, which is a good sign. This is a feel good song, it's as if it's a sing along song, well to me it is, for that catchy chorus.

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Fun tune. I get it. This is my life.

I like noise, apparently. You need a Marshall stack and a PA with 2-3000 watts so your neighbor gets the point.

My neighbor is a percussionist, plays timbales out in his front yard at odd hours. But it's cool, cuz we have band practice and he has to listen to that. Yep. The cops get called on occasion. Fact of life.

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Brilliant rock song Jerry. I saw the prompt late and wasn't sure what to make of a noise prompt so just didn't take part at all. I really like your take. Such a cool vision for the theme! It's catchy and creative.

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I did this challenge - sorry I'm just now getting around to your song.
I love the jangly Americana groove - just the right backdrop for the everyman experiences of the lyrics. I've been there!
Great guitar sound - chiming and a touch grungy too.
Good stuff!