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Liner Notes: 

I was reading about a lady who lost her best friend recently and this song is based on her. Needs music and vocals.


© 2019 Cindy Prince

Please be strong
Because right now I'm weak
Please lift me up
Because I'm ready to break

Please be my rock
Because I'm sinking fast
Please don't leave
Because I feel like broken glass

My heart is ripped in half
Just like a torn photograph
I know you are so worried
Because I am destroyed...destroyed

I lost my best friend
God, when will this pain end?

Please be my hero
Because I feel hopeless
Please support me
Because I need your closeness

Please be my sun
Because it's nighttime now
Please show your warmth
Help me through this somehow

Repeat chorus

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WOW! This is so sad and so very beautiful all at the same time. I've got something in mind for it straight away, may I put music to this please Smile