make a moment

make a moment

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Liner Notes: 

this one took a while, for some reason. the file stayed open for days on my computer, and i worked on it like i used to consistently-- going back and adding little bits at a time. quite atypical of me in the last few years, where songs have been taking an hour and a half or so.except there's been little of late. it was more than a week ago since the last one.


(c) 09.15.2019 time and ink

verse 1

he sits alone at lunch again
says he's eaten when they ask him
he's tried before to make a friend
once or twice but nothing lasting.

he looks down the whole damn time
he knows he owns all the laughter
hopes one day that light will shine
and none of this remembered after.


take a moment to make a moment
be somebody's something
take a moment and make that comment
you never know the joy that it could bring--
take a moment.

verse 2

end of the bench at recess again
he knows no-one will pick him
could always be that they pretend
and choose him just to trick him.

he gets picked the very last
at least he knows that's honest
his worst times in the past
were when somebody promised.


verse 3 HALF VERSE

he walks back home alone
and thinks again about that light
a friend or a bang of his own?
all depends how he takes that sleight.



Make a moment.


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Aw man - the stings of adolescence. I don't recall never having not be picked for anything, but I've seen enough of it to empathize. I'm glad you took the time to not rush the lyrics, letting them arrive naturally. It reads that way. The chorus stands out prominently. I totally dig it.

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Such a relatable song and strong and important message. Kids and teens (well sadly adults too) can be so cruel to one another. I love the details you put in the verses and then open up the broader message in the chorus. Well done!!