A MInor Ballad

A MInor Ballad

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Liner Notes: 

As my daughter was with the dentist, I read a magazine article about a rich guy - and a not particularly likable one - and his rough upbringing.
I've been having real trouble with lyrics lately, so even though I don't write many dark or sad songs, when the first verse came to me I wrote it into my phone right there in the waiting room.


When he was 10 his parents died
Hand in hand and side by side
He found the bodies – and he never cried

Looked me in the eye to see how I’d react
As he told the tale so matter of fact
About his parents’ suicide pact

They drank from a jug that had no label
Dad passed out first at the kitchen table
Mom turned on the gas oven while she was still able

He said there’s a lesson quite direct
That’s the cause – I made my own effect
The sun did set and he left me alone to reflect

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Your delivery really suits darker lyrical content, I reckon. And *man* this is dark!

But at the end of the first verse I couldn't help thinking, "Is this about Bruce Wayne?" Smile

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everything here is strong and succinct. the lyrics ,the harmonica breaks, the sirect simplocity of the guitar. sad tale told without frills or interpretive imposition.

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Dark, but great storytelling. Nice use of harmonica fills to space out the verses.

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Dark haunting and highly effective story telling. The chord progression, melody, and harmonic are a perfect musical stage for this story. I haven’t read the liner notes to know if there is truth to the story and I’m snot sure I want to... vocals are ace on this!

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I don't recall you writing about dark themes. This song, though upbeat, definitely is rather cold and washed with despair. It's rather sad, but there is a cautionary tale here. Your delivery saves it, I think, from just being down right depressing.

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Yup just a darned good song in the classic style i guess folk almost rock. Nice one mate

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Well that's a bit Jim Jones for my tastes. It was very dark. It's a solid song though.