Barroom Blood

Barroom Blood

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Saw a picture of a Bloody Mary and this idea hit me. Needs some scary country music (is there such a thing?)


Barroom Blood
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I walked into the bar
It was All Hallows Eve
They locked the door
Told me I couldn't leave

Everywhere I looked
There were ghostly beings
I rubbed my tired eyes
God, what was I seeing?

In all the mugs
Instead of beer
There was red blood
What was going on here?
I thought to myself
Who am I to judge?
So I'm having a glass
Of barroom blood

It was kind of spooky
It was rather scary
But I have to say
It tasted like a Bloody Mary

No one was leaving
The night went on and on
Maybe this night
Was the devil's spawn

Why it all happened
Whatever the reason
It is what can go down
In the Halloween season

Repeat chorus

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there are quite a few scary country songs, most of which are centered around the musician and the devil, sometimes with a duel of some kind, often a songwriting contest or trying to outdo each other on guitar. the devils drink idea is a new one, and could go over well.

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Hey cindy

you did it again, I got a real kick out of this
has a fun element to it, though scary theme
loved the bloody Mary part

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Heh, heh! You nailed it, Cindy. Not sure if there is a thing called Country Horror, but you MUST hit me up if a demo springs forth from this fun, spooky read...and I must admit, rather catchy, too! Smile

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I am awestruck by the fact that this is the 205th song you've written this year. Truly amazing!

The fact that the subject of the song thinks "that glass looks like it's full of blood" but then *drinks it anyway* made me laugh. I don't know much about haunted country as a genre (does "Hotel California" count?) but Johnny Cash used to say that his house was haunted...

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Egads! Awesome spooky creepy wonderful lyrics! Love the images and the darkness are cool. This could be a great Halloween country hit!