Signal Interference [Part II]

Signal Interference [Part II]

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Signal Interference [Part II]

Liner Notes: 

I have Logitech z-4i speakers for my computer, which I've had since about 2005. The speaker system comes with a control pod for volume and bass knobs, and also has jacks for headphones and microphone.
Getting to my point, the headphone jack has been malfunctioning for about a year. When I plug in my headphones whilst playing audio, often the audio plays as if it is instrumental (the centre tracks have been removed leaving the left and right panned centre), or in the case of mono audio there is nothing at all. I have to twist the headphone cable until I get a satisfactory sound from the headphones, and it is quite a frustrating endeavour.

This was made on Mixcraft 8, with my computer keyboard used as a MIDI controller. The track is in 7/4 time.
The lyrics were recited by Microsoft Sam, and I recorded it from Speakonia twice. On one channel, you have him speaking at the lowest pitch, whilst on the right he is speaking at the highest.


Something's wrong with my headphones jack
I hardly seem to get the right sound
So I'm twisting the cable round and round
A little to the left
A little to the right

It's difficult to achieve the sound I want
Searching for a needle in a haystack
I swear the jack is the problem

Sometimes the left and right are louder than the middle
Other times the centre is cancelled out
And sometimes I hear nothing at all

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Oh, I like this one even more. Maybe it’s the drums or could also be the cool vocals alternating left and right, which is an effect I am especially fond of. Love the experimentation you are doing.

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If only I could take frustrations as this and channel it through a song. Normally I would just get mad and leave the studio and do something else for a few hours...and maybe not even solve the problem. Clever all the way, my friend!

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Hooked as soon as I heard the time signature. This really reminds me of Nick Zammuto's old band The Books, with whom I became more than a little bit obsessed at the turn of the century. The weird, almost unreal texture of the doubled vocals is unsettling but very cool. I dig this a lot.