day drinking

day drinking

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Liner Notes: 

This is the last song in a morphing chain that began with my song "flicker." It is the sixth derivative. The full chain is listed below.

I've sat on this for a little while. This is my morph of splittybooms fifth derivative morph song "Morph Challenge."

I originally decided to use just the chord progression from splittybooms' song and write new lyrics. Then I thought I'd compare the lyrics to "flicker" and splittybooms song, and remove any words from "flicker" that also appear in splittybooms song.

For music, I thought I'd go acoustic and see how much of a companion piece to flicker it might be. I started thinking that I might try writing an inverse lyric to that of "flicker." Due to a software update, I couldn't get EZDrummer working and so went drumless. I worked out a guitar part that I liked and set it down.

I wasn't liking any of the lyrics i had come up with. I tried just reusing the lyrics to "flicker." It was kind of weird to notice that the two songs had almost identical structures, with just a reversal of the final A and B parts.

I wasn't liking it. I hadn't quite worked out the guitar parts I wanted. The vocal was fair, but the lyrics were just lazy. So I sat on it for a little while.

Then at Tuesday's session with the Catalytic Perverters, I brought it out and we worked it up as an instrumental. At the end of the night, we were listening to it and B-shift was vocalizing. I made him improv a vocal over it and recorded that. I gave him a prompt of "day drinking." It was fully of the usual vulgarities and low-brow humor we've come to expect from a B-shift (we call them "shitty-Joe lyrics"), but it had some of the core vocalizations I used when recording my own version later.

I still had it in my mind to somehow work out a companion to or reuse the lyrics from "flicker," but I got stuck on the day drinking thing. I quit drinking a while back, but that only means that drinking is a metaphor for whatever vice I actually allow to destroy me. Kind of about realizing it isn't a solution and only makes things worse and just needing to do something to get out of it. and on and on.

Still not sure I like it, but it's probably time to just squeeze it out and wipe.

Full Morph Chain:
Songwriter One (seed song) - @plainwhitetoast -
Songwriter Two - @john crossman -
Songwriter Three - @sunnymae -
Songwriter Four - @kahlo2013 -
Songwriter Five - @nateger -
Songwriter Six - @splittybooms -
Songwriter Seven - this song


I think today I'll do some day drinking
see how long the day can last
I tie one on
to forget about what's going wrong
drown out the demons from my past

I drink today

I drink today, I'll do some deep thinking
find some truth I can't ignore
sing a song
to forget about what's going wrong
outsmart the wolves at my door

I drink today
I think today
I drink today away, away
things keep going wrong
as the nights keep getting longer
I find myself alone
I reach for something stronger
and I tie one on
to forget about what's going wrong
and I sing a song
and on and on and on and on

I think today I'll do some deep thinking
see how long attention lasts
I think today I'll do something

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Love this! It has really morphed from where it started and want a perfect finale to the morph! I love the rock feel and the awesome groove and crunchy guitars. Your vocals are awesome. The lyrics are delivered perfectly with emotion and honesty coming through. Very effective!

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This is all kinds of cool. It has a Chicago feel to it and I LOVE me some Chicago! The music and lyrics compliment each other nicely! A loud of applause to you!