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Liner Notes: 

Mercurial: a mercurial temperament; changing frequently. She was entertaining but unpredictable.

I'm sure there are folks who have stories about being with someone who fits the above definition. And then there are those who willingly admit that they are that person as defined above. This song is not so much about who the person is, but how someone would be willingly to endure such a personality just to be in relationship with them. It's frustrating, it's beautiful, it's wonderful, it's painful. It's the classic give and take.

I sent a demo over to Tina and invited her to put her spin on said track. Needless to say, this has a really interesting vibe to it. I'm thinking there could be more jelly coming from us in the future. Thanks again, Tina!

How I did it:
Recorded, arranged and mixed with Studio One Professional
All sounds are samples from Splice*
*The ice bell at the break is by me!
Vocals: Tina D and CTS


Sometimes in between
I'm not what I seem
Thinking/ dreaming
Drowning/ swimming
Some days far behind/ some days winning

Would U want 2 have 2 hold me
Would U fight 2 not let me go
Would U want 2 share U with me
Or is it better that we never know

Trying/ failing
quitting/ succeeding
Satisfied/ patronized
Less of that/ always needing
Kisses prevail with sweet submission

Hold me/ release me
I'm fake with U/ I'm teasing
Here I am/ no I'm not
I'm bitter cold/ and yet I'm hot
This candy is never all U get

Would U want 2 have 2 hold me
Would U fight 2 not let me go
Would U want 2 share U with me
Or is it better that we never know

Rain drops be falling
My sweet spot is calling
But here is the flip side
Don't wonder or ask why
It's just my emotions
Are wide like an ocean

I want your devotion
If U got a notion
2 know this is why U
Don't get a promotion
2 come even closer, get closer, come closer

Close? Yeah, I hear U
I want 2 be near U
But U keep on pushing me away
Umbrellas R useless unless that we do this
And be more than just OK
Tear drops like rain drops
U know how I can make it stop
U won't give me no play
I chase U like paper
Inhale U like vapor
U got me but yet U won't stay

Would U want 2 have 2 hold me
Would U fight 2 not let me go
Would U want 2 share U with me
Or is it better that we never know

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this is major sexadelic. voices are individually hot and blend with massive honey and heat. the instrumentation is just as sexy as the human touch.

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Really nice funky tune. Love the short phrasing, Sexy rhythm. Hook is very nice. Really enjoyed this. Nice work.

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So, this is not a track to [email protected] to. This is the whole sex, from first gaze to orgasm going through a rollercoaster of emotions and sensations. 3dtoan's voice is marvelously rich but I didn't think it could actually make me sweat. the more spoken part is also very steamy and the groove and mood of the song are perfect! Very incredible write

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Very cool sounds right from the get go and the vocals do not disappoint. Haunting and ethereal!

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Two of my favorite 50/90ers. Then I see the tags. I knew I'd be in for a treat.
I was right.
The music coming through my monitors has an Isley vibe to it but mixed with some of the lofi mentioned in your tag. The sound choices people make when creating their music matters to me, and these are all perfect in my opinion. The wahness, the sustained bass, the organish pad. Excellent.
I haven't heard this kind of style from @3tdoan before. I wouldn't be mad if the only music either of you made was stuff like together; a new duo to bring back classic neosoul vibes to the mainstream.
The hooks and that first break are everything. Excellent vocal melody arrangement. Flawless vibe there...the main hook is the smoothest thing I've heard this year.
A treat from you two, indeed.

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Such a sultry, smokin' song! Those vocals - yeah! I'd actually like to hear them isolated - just voices and maybe a drumbeat. I imagine it would be poetry.
And the groove is sublime - playful, erotic, simmering. Good, good stuff.

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Daayuuumnn. I feel like I owe y'all some money now or something. When I'm driving and I hear a song on the radio that blows my brain back to smooth, when the song ends I immediately turn off the radio so I can keep the vibe alive in my soul and jell on it while my brain gets its wrinkles back. I need to keep this vibe pure and undiluted so Ihma just say-- VERY! Well! Done! Now I'm signing out, turning off my phone, and I'm going to bed. 'Nuff said.

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Oooh! I LOVE the play between the two of you. The instrumental is absolutely decadent. I mean it really feels like something you want to sink into. Love the lyrics and the fun with words and the rhythmic quality of the lyrics. The vocals are really... niiiiiiiiiiiice. This song, the production and performance is totally hot.