It Was June And I Was Twenty

It Was June And I Was Twenty

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Liner Notes: 

Been highly unmotivated this summer, been sick a lot and I've had some deaths amongst family and friends.
After trying to catch up on work, I've finally gotten some time to finish the songs I started on in July. Apart from this song and some contributions on a couple of corpses, my last efforts this 50/90 will be two songs with lyrics by metalfoot I'm working on.

Don't remember how I came upon the William Bliss Carman poem, but I enjoyed it and quickly made some music for, recorded the basic tracks in August and just forgot about it.

Being from Norway I was completely unfamiliar with Carman, don't know if he's a well-known writer?

I sang and played/programmed
Fender Stratocaster, Danelectro Electric 12 String, japanese SG bass copy, Addictive Drummer 2, shaker, tambourine, Farfisa Compact Organ, Arturia MicroFreak, Moog Prodigy, Critter And Guitari Pocket Piano


William Bliss Carman

Capo IV

It was June, and I was twenty.
All my wisdom, poor but plenty,
Em Em7 Dm
Never learned Festina lente.
Bbsus4 Am G
Youth is gone, but whither went he?

Madeline came down the orchard
With a mischief in her eye,
Half demure and half inviting,
Melting, wayward, wistful, shy.

Four bright eyes that found life lovely,
And forgot to wonder why;
Four warm lips at one love-lesson,
Learned by heart so easily.

We gained something of that knowledge
No man ever yet put by,
But his after days of sorrow
Left him nothing but to die.

Madeline went up the orchard,
Down the hurrying world went I;
Now I know love has no morrow,
Happiness no by-and-by.

Youth is gone, but whither went he?
All my wisdom, poor but plenty,
Never learned Festina lente.
It was June, and I was twenty.

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Sorry you've been sick and have deaths too. I am not very familiar with him, but now I want to look him up! I love the music you did for this!

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stellar musication of a brilliant poem. those guitars are a shimmering complement to the gorgeous .lyrics and their delivery. wonderful melody shapes the words celestial. were i prone to drawing maps of comparision, i would place this between marc bolan and donovan.

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I had to read some Bliss Carman poetry in one of my Canadian Literature classes in university--he was quite good. And you've done a great job in grabbing onto one of his works and breathing new life into it with music. Wonderful. Smile

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The playing in this is so intricate and serene, the i part instrumental in the middle kicks it up a notch but it never loses the emotional quality you imprinted in it so well. Your voice is deep, powerful and strong but it feels like a blanket, silky, velvety and smooth. I love the low notes you have. Very nice write about lost youth and love.