Christmas is Fast Appproaching

Christmas is Fast Appproaching

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Liner Notes: 

nadia cripps music and piano
billwhite lyrics and vocal

Nadia... Yes, Christmas is fast approaching and I came up with this short simple tune.

Bill...It is always a pleasure and a challenge to work with Nadia. Her music inspires me to do my best.


The rain is falling
The fires are quenched
Forests are breathing
Foilage is drenched
Better cloak your children
In warmer clothing
Autumn will be leaving soon
Christmas is fast approaching

Take off your masks
Walk away from fear
Halloween is over
December is here
The last of leaves are fallen
Ice and snow encroaching
Dont give up on hope just yet
Christmas is fast approaching

Christmas evening shadows
Stream across the sky
Children at the windows
Look for reindeer that fly
Hear the Yuletide music
Fill the morning air
Christmas is fast approaching

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One does not see many new “holiday” seasonal songs; good one, it works!

On second thought, I suppose it is more than a seasonal song since does say Christmas is approaching; so a good warm up song end of October ish Smile commingled with gingle bells, and white christmas.

Then end with Joy to The World Wink — the Lord has come.

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the final verse runs from christmas eve to christmas morning,,and the when the title line is repeated at the end, the implocation is that although christmas has literally arrived, the true spirit of christmas is just now entering into the hearts of mankind and the change it brings is soon to be manifested,

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I had loved Nadia's so Christmasy lyric and I am happy to hear it now. I love a good Christmas song and wish they'd play more like this one instead of 5 different versions of Jinglebell Rock. I like!

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First, a couple of my favorites doing a collab is always a great thing.

Looking at the lyrics...Christmas is fast approaching...nice. Halloween is over jumps at me as does the refrain. Nice visual display of Christmas Eve...and refrain. Great job on this Bill. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Sounds holliday...can clearly understand the lyrics...pipe organ now...look for reindeer that fly...Christmas is fast approaching. Well done Nadia and Bill. I can't wait to hear your Halloween music and stories.

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This is great and I love the refrain, the playing is very Christmas like! Very nice write.

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Just seeing that the two of you had done this other collaboration (I enjoyed the one I reviewed yesterday)--and I like this one even better. Terrific "Christmasy" arrangement there! Hmmmm...maybe I should do something Christmasy--but I tried that once and it was pretty awful, so...meanwhile I'll just enjoy this one. Nice lyrics there, Bill. Great collab!!