brain rape

brain rape

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Liner Notes: 

B-shift was commenting that my songs keep getting stuck on a loop in his head (specifically "doppelganger" this past week) and that it is fucking with his mind. We joked about it a bit until we arrive at the part of the conversation captured in the recording, which inspires us to launch into a short, but rocking improvisation. Near the end, I shift to a mumbletree vocal, just to change things up. B-shifts surprises even himself by ending the song abruptly, although appropriately.

Marked NSFW because of all the curses and triggers.


murray: (laughing)
b-shift: it's like I'm being mindfucked
toast: they won't stop poking me in the fucking cerebellum
b-shift: shut up brain or i'll stab you with a penis
murray: fucking brain raped
toast and b-shift: brain rape!
b-shift: oh my god! aaaagghhh! brain rape!
murray: brain rape... [unintelligible]
toast: brain wash. brain freeze. brain rape.

brain wash
brain freeze
brain rape


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