The Progressive & Experimental Exquisite Corpse

The Progressive & Experimental Exquisite Corpse

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Liner Notes: 

Part 1: sph
Part 2: plainwhitetoast
Part 3: Dragondreams
Part 4: lowhum
Part 5: Mt.Mélodie

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groovy irregular start, like the romantic pentatoneness after, the classic prog dragon rocky show and the great melodic finale reminding of well everything that one needs to feel nostalgically epic about. I may say this is so far my favourite corpse, greetings to all participants and happy resultful bright future endeavours!

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As always I find the corpses I take part in to be amongst the most rewarding and fun songs. Like all the other parts, especially Dragondreams prog bonanza.

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Big "Thank You" to everyone involved and especially to @Mt.Mélodie for stitching and @marvsmooth for organizing. This musical version of the chinese whispers game is so much fun because of the excitement of how my piece of the puzzle fits into the whole picture. I like this big picture!

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all the parts are compelling and fit together nicely, there could be a less abrupt transition between parts 3 and 4.

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Oh wow, I had forgotten about this. I really like that beginning. and oh, yeah, nice. nice. nice. It all sounds good. Interesting.
I could have probably been more experimental than just using an e-bow (I had never used one before, may never again).
An exquisite addition to my growing collection of corpses!

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Damn fine job all round, chaps! My first corpse for a few years, and one I'm proud to have been a part of. Thank you all. Smile

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This is epically progressive, experimental and surreal truly exquisite!

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Gosh, really great work, everybody.
This sounds good in my headphones.
The tracks flow together nicely; great transitions and mix of styles.
A showcase for various progressive styles.
So nice!!

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Whoa! I'm hearing echoes of King Crimson, Japan, Trevor Rabin-era yes, Jethro Tull, and Genesis in this...
Prog on, folks, this is an awesome piece of work - probably the best exquisite corpse I've ever heard here.
Downloaded this, going to listen to it on the big system Smile

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This is a cool compilation of quirky and awesome and all things that are wonderful about 5090 wrapped up in a wonderful package!