I Had All My Kids, in Life's Killing Spree

I Had All My Kids, in Life's Killing Spree

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Liner Notes: 

@billwhite51 -- moved to do a voice over, and glad for it.

When I heard it, (Bills work), -- I then heard the overdubs as well, in my head, so did'em.

It could go either way, voice only, w/od's -- this one with,
-- harp/w overloaded Shaker harp-mic, triangle, muted-strings, elec-guitar riff'g;
arguably a (+-) either way, uncharted just went for it.

And there you go.
-- FYI, made me cry for a half-sec Smile but only I'd know why... just really liked how this worked out though!


I had all my kids, they're all gone now
Though never my own, been told it's all rigged
No one ever tells you, of the mess, their own kid

I used to be sad, but now am glad
Glad to know what now know, know in scads
Real friends children fam-i-ly, all make plaid
You meet while struggling, to survive, my com - rad

I had all my kids, many now gone
Never my own though, been told of the helicon
Some tell of the mess, of their own strangled one

I used to be sad, but now plain glad
Glad to know, what I now know, know in scads
Your real friends children and, fam - i - ly
You meet while struggling, to survive in the street

I've known doctors lawyers strippers Boho-chic'
I've stood on Bar tops and proned weapons drawn freaks
I've been offered the tenderness, of a thousand loving prostitutes
Loved me as parent, not institute proofed piques

I used to be sad, but now, I am plain glad
Glad to know what I know now, know in scads
You build your life like a bad street fight, blow for blow stab for stab
After joy's been beaten, hemorrhaged from what you know
Then all you can really show, what all may then see
Is your mercy you show anyway, against life's killing spree

I had all my kids, in life's killing spree,
And the Lords' soon gonna
Set us all free

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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Ah it does work! I think this is the best possible way to do this song, and Bill's voice is a perfect match. Excellent collab!

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Let me begin with the end: That chord made me chuckle, coming out of the blue as it did. What can I say? I like this. I want to think about it. I don't want anyone to explain anything. I could begin to put some sort of gloss on it...but...soon enough, I guess, none of that will matter. Leaving meaning aside, everything flows along brilliantly

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Looking at the lyrics...never my own jumps at me and is kind of two dimensional...well, at least for me. I can't tell if this is children from another father or children who cling to mama...interesting though. You meet while struggling reinforces my thoughts about these being non-biological children. The next section is a bomb with all kinds of information from doctors, lawyers, strippers, freaks, and love. The next part has a nice blow for blow stab for stab line. The last part the lords gonna set us all free...touching. Nice job ustaknow. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Spoken...harmonica...guitar...some kind of percussion...chimes...I use to be sad...blow for blow...stab for stab...I had all my kids...set us all free. lol...yeah, I can't say I am surprised because the tags but still thought it was pretty high quality and timeless. Great job guys.

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Bill's reading is always so incredible and oddly orgasmic no matter what it is he's saying. As to what he's saying... I love the gladness for the final freedom. It just renders this so much darker. It all fits perfectly.

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I'm not into spoken word pieces.
But I'm here because I saw this was another track where @ustaknow and @billwhite51 teamed up.
The 'blues' tag at the very end of the string of tags made me curious as I'm drawn to that tag, especially hearing some of your other blues tracks this year.
Read the lyrics first, didn't analyze, just acknowledged the skillful word-craft I expect now.
Regardless if I like spoken word or not, this was pleasing to my ears. I think Bill's narration voice mixed with the sparse blues blurbs in the back set sort of an...atmosphere that my ears liked.

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*Snap, snap, snap, snap*

I thought it was interesting that the spoken part of this has a very strong duple feeling, but that driving rhythm underneath is 6/8. It works. The lyrics are awesome as always.