I Had All My kids, in Life's Killing Spree

I Had All My kids, in Life's Killing Spree

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Liner Notes: 

This was, as they all are for me, -- a quick 5 min write. (Who knows, once/if the music comes?)


Well, we do all have krappe in our lives, and sometimes we find that may make good songs, -- that's certainly not up to us (?), so to speak Smile

However, since this is well rooted in a very deep wound recently done to me and my wife, -- but us, now, so used to life's damage and glad to move on from the void scooped out sooner than later; nevertheless, it comes from that ("still trying to get the fish smell from the house" Wink )

(I was fine, finished, -- but wifey walked through the door from work last night with a one-off, -- that if she did what I said, -- would not have provided that opportunity of access..., -- now, all access has been cut off Wink Should we pull follks from the on coming Bus about to crush them, or explain it ALL first, then pull?) Anyway...

So, don't feel bad for me, -- I am an expert mourner (great life skill to have!), -- and move on with that good skill. Nevertheless, this came out today, this morning, -- better left to purge as I know to do.

So, hey, -- if it is effective (lyric/song)! Pokes you in some magical way? LMK!
-- I'll take the lic'g fee and be glad for the one more life's sheit storm for it's good song (Oh, Josephine! Smile ) ! Make fertilizer when it's raining cow patties! Aye.


I had all my kids, they're all gone now
Though never my own, been told it's all rigged
No one ever tells you, of the mess, their own kid

I used to be sad, but now am glad
Glad to know what now know, know in scads
Real friends children fam-i-ly, all make plaid
You meet while struggling, to survive, my com - rad

I had all my kids, many now gone
Never my own though, been told of the helicon
Some tell of the mess, of their own strangled one

I used to be sad, but now plain glad
Glad to know, what I now know, know in scads
Your real friends children and, fam - i - ly
You meet while struggling, to survive in the street

I've known doctors lawyers strippers Boho-chic'
I've stood on Bar tops and proned weapons drawn freaks
I've been offered the tenderness, of a thousand loving prostitutes
Loved me as parent, not institute proofed piques

I used to be sad, but now, I am plain glad
Glad to know what I know now, know in scads
You build your life like a bad street fight, blow for blow stab for stab
After joy's been beaten, hemorrhaged from what you know
Then all you can really show, what all may then see
Is your mercy you show anyway, against life's killing spree

I had all my kids, in life's killing spree,
And the Lords' soon gonna
Set us all free

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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this would make a good spoken work piece, im going to recite it for you and send it through facebook chat to see what you think of the idea.

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I agree that it would be great spoken. I hope to hear that with Bill as a narrator.