Remember Them Too

Remember Them Too

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Liner Notes: 

Every year all across social media we see 9/11-Never Forget! So, I looked up the statistics of how many people die of gun violence
every single year, and we just act like that is normal. It's not.


Remember Them Too
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I guess it's okay to remember this day
Every year they say never forget
Well there is something I want to say
And nothing has been done yet

36,000 people, both young and old
Lose their lives by the hand of a gun
I don't want to seem callous or cold
But many more die one by one

How about we not forget them?
Those mowed down where they stood
Or took a gun and ended their lives
Don't you believe that we should?
It's time to remember them too


Another 100,000 are injured
Many police are victims too
The NRA instills irrational fear
And thoughts and prayers is all we do

Repeat chorus

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i agree that we should remember all the victims of homicide, and today would be a good day to do so..your song is a vital reminder of the growing death toll in the united states from gun violence.

Hey "cindy", -- your sincerity comes through loud and clear, and the intent is self evident and you were moved to write. It can be a good song, -- but it could as well depend, ironically in how "heard" if musicated and by whom.

It's interesting that many do not point out the contrast "here" in this lyric, though implicit, not literal, (very skilled if you intended it, as it does seem so) -- on 911 they were killed with a Jet Airliner(s), and then with a $25 Aluminum Pressure Cooker and parts from any Garage in any home in any Country in the world, or with a Chevy or whatever the make of the Car, Truck, Van that then ran over so many in so many places, or with a cheap China .gov hatchet, knife, machete, hammer from a dollar store, or... etc.

However, in the "Rememberance" -- and do folks know there is more than one definition of "rememberance"?, or to remember? Ah, well, not for here.

Anyway, more than remember and allow one liners that get very misused, indeed, use it (the song/rememberance) to promote self education skills to dig into and vet and educate from our own sources of information concerning what's "going on", -- here. Having someone else comment then snipped out, and misquoted within no context other than an implied wrapper of some branded -- source of sound bite that some call "news"? Maybe we need to add a definition line to the Dictionaries for "News" (the definitions, literally are quite humorous, well, to me they are -- not one in my scan mentioned, Facts, or Data... I get allot of "information" that is not "news" all day long Smile )

I guess all I can say is that, my wish in the "Rememberance" would be for folks to be exposed to what I've been exposed to, then consider what they "know" and what they then react to as "new information" (news?) and grow, keep the intelligent, self-educating, people of America, -- that way.

It's true, no one on "911" was killed with, or even threatened with an ~ *illegally* ~ obtained weapon of any kind, well, other than the Jet Airliner. To bad there was not an Air-Marshall on any flight back then or one of the many "cowboys" *I disarmed (as LEO) their "forgotten", legally obtained, handgun in their carry-on that day.

(The desert storm era precautions should have been left in place if not for the almighty $ and the Airline lobby.)

Ironic indeed, all of it, almost Twilight Zone -ian.

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Looking at the lyrics...oh wow, I forgot today is the day. Chorus is good...probably the wrong day though...just my opinion. Oh wow, that concert in Las Vegas shook this town for a long time. Well, I don't have a gun Cindy and I don't believe in killing animals for sport so this one is a little tough for me because of the dangerous people in my neighboring city. We're safe so far up here in Henderson but Las Vegas is so violent I don't even watch the news. Still, your message has been delivered, nice job on this.