Liquid Starshine

Liquid Starshine

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Liner Notes: 

For the "Liquid Starshine" Songfight! prompt, optional challenge: three-part harmony. I was listening to a lot of Guided by Voices and I think it rubbed off... of all the bands out there, I probably shouldn't be taking my production cues from them, but here we are. Fuzzy guitars, a bit of GBV, a bit of Neutral Milk Hotel, a bit of Vaselines, a bit of Ride (this wasn't intentional, I only realized I'd kind of ripped off Vapour Trail for the strings part after posting this...), but that's a pretty good cocktail, right?

This is the first time I've ever played a real actual bass on a song!

Obligatory footnotes:
- Liquid Starshine is a type of lip gloss manufactured by Bonne Bell, a doefoot is a type of fuzzy applicator for lipgloss
- An instar is a phase between two periods of molting in the development of an insect larva or other invertebrate animal. Also a cool word!
- The Mohs Hardness Test for classifying the hardness of two minerals involves scratching one against another to see which leaves a streak/groove in the other. Diamond is at the top (10), talc is at the bottom (1)
- There is a Chinese legend about a woman named Chang'E who stole the elixir of immortality from her husband and drank it without being prepared, which caused her to float up to the moon, where she lives under cinnamon trees with a jade rabbit who pounds the elixir of immortality with a mortar and pestle
- belling is the cry that a hart (stag) makes


My sister's lips gleam like the road after it rains
She smells like cotton candy
I ask her what it is, she hands me

A tube of liquid starshine
A tube of liquid starshine
A doefoot hangs in iridescence
Bonne Bell-brand luminescence

My sister lines her eyes with wings
As sharp and black as crows that fly
Above the path we take to school
Past the park where all the cool kids go
My sister spreads her wings
And flies into the sky with them
And I stare up into the light
And whisper, don't leave me behind,
Oh, sister, I'm trying to reach you

Instars between
My molded plastic body
And the lushness of her leaves
Will I ever be as pretty
As the sparkling streak
Her glassy lips leave
Upon the rim of her coffee cup
Diamond scratching talc
A scale for the distance of her look

My sister floats above the rooftops
In Converse All-Stars and Stila lip gloss,
And on the moon, I see her shape
Where the cinnamon tree casts endless shade

But she gave me liquid starshine
But she gave me liquid starshine
Doefoot dabs the heart that bells
Cotton candy drips and melts
On lips like liquid starshine
Lips like liquid starshine
Lips like liquid starshine
Lips like liquid starshine

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wow nothing like i expected! but really cool. You have a really interesting lyrical style that apeals to me. Musically it crosses a few genres - i particularly like that just off psychedelic feel in the middle. this is another excellent song

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it does brinng back memories of ride....and a bit of lush as well. the production is heavy and the vocals are light, but the vocals are not overwhelmed by the production. they hold their own against the onslaught of sound . one of my favorites of yours.

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Nice hook...great instruments...awesome rock as usual. Smile

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This song is great. Thanks for posting all of the extra information explaining what the lyrics mean as I would have had no idea otherwise. The lyrics are super cool even without knowing, but now I feel smarter. Thanks!

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I not only love the title of this song (very memorable), but I also love the more unusual references in the lyric. I'm a rock fan, and like how you have blended that garage vibe, with a little brit punk and a wee smidgen of fantasy.

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Pop can't get too noisy for me, and this is some straight-up serotonin-infused power pop. I love that line about...

You know, I was going to comment about a certain line, and then I carefully read the whole thing and thought about it. All of it is masterfully sad...then uplifting. She lines her eyes with wings...and on the moon I see her shape...

Makes me want to cry. I don't want to say more or less than, I love it

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This is very 2000's punk pop, I liked it a lot it made me remember of my teenage years! Super great

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Yeah, this style really suits you for sure.
Brilliant lyrics, as usual.
So much goodness here.
Great dense noises in my headphones.
So hooky, especially that chorus.
Well done on the bass playing!
Another absolute winner, Owl.

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Fuzz intersection with the Mohs Hardness scale. How cool is that?

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Really good, enjoyable track. Good catchy chorus and the cymbals are really effective. I like the keyboards coming in and then everything dropping down. Great lyrics throughout - I really like the opening with the vivid simile and the candy/hands me rhyme.

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Noisy with a mellotron Smile Love the chorus! I would like to play a real bass but I'm too lazy to learn it.