Check This Out

Check This Out

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Liner Notes: 

I mess around with Acid Pro sometimes. A little humor with the Text To Speech. Why? Because I can. Thanks for listening.


Check this out!

A bird can drop doodoo from any distance and hit its target!

San Francisco Giants games, at night, are notorious for bird droppings late in a game!

A seagull is smart enough to drop doodoo and get away with it!

Check this out!

The best defense from bird droppings is to get and use an umbrella!

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A seagull once dropped a massive amount of shit on my head once so I can relate!

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That's just crazy and funny! Biggrin I love robo voice. Makes it that much more ridiculous and wonderful. Pretty fun, rockin backing track. Kinda funky and really cool.

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There are some intriguing bits in here that sound good to me. The dance piano parts in particular, as well as the organ hits.
Some nice breakbeats here and there.
Hectic, but well arranged.
I like the uniqueness of the text-to-speech, and the humor of what you made it say.
This works on a level of "because I can", which I appreciate.

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So glad I checked this out! Not what I expected at all and I was delighted at being surprised. Love the quirkiness of the spoken track on top of the energy in the electronic stage it dances around on. Love the cool effects in the instrument section that made me feel I might get really dumped on by some monstrous mean spirited pigeons. Enjoyed this!

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Love the dry simplicity of the title. Music totally unexpected and blissfully weird. Fun piano and hilarious lyrics! I'm going to "get and use an umbrella" next time I go out!

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This is so different from the rest of the songs coming from you I was in a bit of a shock. Still very good and useful information. Birds are scary