The Icky Slime

The Icky Slime

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Liner Notes: 

Update 9/19/2016 version 3b audio.

Thanks to @ustaknow for production help


So Gross He Be

I have to be visual so let us show the blood
He stabbed him with a knife while calling him bud
Sticking and twisting the knife in his chest
Right into his heart a blood squirting fest
The life of a gangsta from what I am told
I would not know the cards that they hold
I guess I am lucky to not be involved
I got married and that problem was solved

Murder ballads and ghost stories
Fictional images spoken so gory
Disgusting things, he speaks so icky
The icky slime so gross he be

The worms crawl in the worms crawl out
Spiders in your bed some bedbugs about
Disgusting things like maggots in your food
His audience could not handle it and many did booed
He is a serial killer and killing is what he do
He eats their brains for an appetizer chew
He tried to kiss her with his rotten teeth
Grossed her out so badly she sneezed

Messing with your mind with disgusting pictures
A disgusting display of disgusting behavior
You could tell I am sick of sappy fake
Is it the mind of a lunatic?
No, just another amateur songwriter

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. "So Gross He Be" is a great hook/chorus. The rhymes are very visual. "The worms crawl in the warms crawl out, spiders in your bed some bedbugs about" is a great line. Your guitar solo sounds awesome.

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you did such a good job in visullaizing and musicating the gross stuff we loved when we were kids and never quite grew out of.. your explanation of the non lunatic mind of the songwriter in the bridge is almost as cool as the guitar shredding that follows.

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That first line might is so cool and funny, brilliant! I also had to chuckle when 'he tried to kiss her with his rotten teeth/ grossed her out sobadly she sneezed. That's humor I can live with. I like your vocal delivery and the meta writing in here, I haven't seen that too much before. Some kick ass I don't care solos to finish this off. Very enjoyable job!

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I love how hardcore this is, from the very visual gory lyrics to the hard guitar solos. Very cool, you have a very extensive palette to paint from.