Beauty in a Death

Beauty in a Death

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Liner Notes: 

This is based on a couple I knew that are both gone now. He felt so lost without her.


Beauty in a Death
© 2019 Cindy Prince

His weathered face was weary
He sat down in his chair
Nothing seemed to matter now
Since she wasn't there

He turned on the television
Found nothing but bad news
He opened a can of chili
Then thought, "what's the use?"

He had lost any real appetite
Didn't care if he ate or not
Didn't try to go to town now
Just felt lonely and distraught

He often looked at old photos
Of them all through the years
Though he tried not to
He always had some tears

He died in his sleep one night
He had taken his last breath
Though we don't often think it
There can be beauty in a death

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That's an interesting lyric, how it's written, and the last line, -- that'll get picked up by someone. There is an oddness to it that defies explanation, and wouldn't change a word due to it's effect.

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this is a terrific character portrait, but i dont see where the beauty is in the grieving mans suicide.

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Oh! I never thought of it being suicide. I meant it to be he died in his sleep (which is what happened to the man I knew) I will look at changing it.

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You know Bill and I have like minds, -- but, fyi, I never saw it as Suicide; and the oddness I spoke of may have been that take, how to take it?

The "thing is" ? -- ambiguity, artfully done is "genius". I'd opt for a lyric that could be argued over than one that resolves or explains, -- anything. But, that's me.

So, there you go!
-- There is no beauty in suicide, and never saw that communicated

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the song is stronger now with the change in the frst line of the final verse, and i can now see how death as a liberation from pain can have a certain beauty in its peaceful slumber.

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i believe this is the best description of the beauty in death in the english language, fron hamlet...gertrude describung the death of ophelia,,,,,,,,GERTRUDE

There is a willow grows aslant a brook
That shows his hoar leaves in the glassy stream.
There with fantastic garlands did she come
Of crowflowers, nettles, daisies, and long purples,
That liberal shepherds give a grosser name,
But our cold maids do “dead men’s fingers” call them.
There, on the pendant boughs her coronet weeds
Clambering to hang, an envious sliver broke,
When down her weedy trophies and herself
Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide,
And mermaid-like a while they bore her up,
Which time she chanted snatches of old lauds
As one incapable of her own distress,
like a creature native and indued
Unto that element. But long it could not be
Till that her garments, heavy with their drink,
Pulled the poor wretch from her melodious lay
To muddy death.

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Yes, that is so beautiful. It has been awhile since I have read it

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It's a common critique to old novels where one lover simply dies out of sadness, sorrow and missing the other person that this is not real. I think we can all attest it is. Many people simply die from not wanting to live anymore. This is a good capture of this. Nicely done and yes, there is beauty in death.One could say it is the source of beauty.