Robbed Me of My Heart

Robbed Me of My Heart

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Liner Notes: 

This chorus wouldn't go out of my head, so I finished the rest. Needs music and vocals.


Robbed Me of My Heart
© 2019 Cindy Prince

You were a thief
Despite my belief
You stole my heart away

You were a crook
And then you took
Now you're free to play

I think you must collect them
I think you act the part
I'm having a hard time accepting this
But you robbed me of my heart
Yeah, you robbed me of my heart

You were a bandit
I don't understand it
I think it's fun for you

You were a sneak
Some kind of freak
To do the things you do

You are a repeat offender
No doubt a contender
For breaking countless hearts

You are a criminal
Your pain minimal
You think it's all a game

You are an outlaw
And I'm still raw
But I'll make it all the same

Repeat chorus

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One of my favourite rhyming patterns and such a good bunch of words and rhymes it jumps off the page. Good one.

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Those are some potent short lines! I like the structure and I’m impressed how all aspects of it held up all the way through, keeping the tone consistent as well. I especially liked the bandit stanza! Really well written and relatable set of lyrics.

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This is one of my favorites from you, I love the rhymes and the flow of the lyrics. Very nice.