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Liner Notes: 

Apparently when I don't get enough quality sleep I turn into a whiny, miserable old git. Sorry about that. I've ordered a new mattress, which I hope will improve matters.


Why is when I try to write better verses
My frame of mind becomes such
That the only thing I can produce is a torrent of garbage and sad, bitter curses?

Just when I think that I've cracked it
And learnt how to write a good song
I get too distracted or carried away
And everything always goes wrong

Why is it when I think I've found the right text
All my subconscious can do
is inform me of all the ways that my grandiose dreams to make money from music were wrecked?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Your music is so intriguing. The opening reminded me of “Town Without Pity.”

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I love how the opening pulled me right in. I understand about insomnia. Fab music and song!

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Aw, buck up, no need to be so sad.
(I know, we've all heard that before and wanted to punch whoever said it)
But yeah, I totally get the "not enough sleep" thing.
That's partly why I haven't been very productive this summer; extreme tiredness.
Hey, you may be discouraged, but we all love your tunes.
Here's another "in-" word to put in your tags; "incredible".
I'm loving that bouncy backing track paired with the needle guitar.
Excellent production and mix, as usual.
Great job here, Chris!

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A good topic this! However you music could carry anything here! Its unique to my ear and is very good! Really enjoyed this.

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i had to listen to the opening twice to catch that town without pity note. , i think you write songs the way they should be writtem.. letting them find their own form, working in a space where good and bad have no meaning because you are off the map. i like that touch of bowie that comes and goes.

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Happy with what you have to be happy with Wink
I'd even be attentive to the likes of this if you were reading the phone book.

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nice reflective piece, this is called imposter syndrome, it's very common for artists to have it, here you render its anxiety perfectly. It's a great song and I love the timbres you use, very nice.