On And On And On

On And On And On

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to create something a little epic so I've been working on this song for a little while.

This song is all about the confused chatter that goes on inside your head when you feel that there's no light at the end of a very long tunnel


On And On And On
© 10/9/2019 C. Stewart

A bit of hide a bit of seek
Of bitter lies I cannot cheat
A bitter taste of bittersweet
A bitter memory incomplete
A bit of push a bit of shove
A bit of guidance from above
A bit of hate a bit of love
A bit of you I’m thinking of
I’ve got a notion in my head
Of all the things you did and said
I walk the path on which I tread
I bite the hand of which I’m fed

Is this a feeling that will last
From the future to the past
I want to feel it but my pain goes on and on
I want to reach up to the sky
And watch the world just pass me by
I want to see it but my pain goes on and on
On and on and on, on and on and on
On and on and on, on and on and on

I look ahead I look around
I hear the world without a sound
I’m in the air, I’m in the ground
I want to reach across the miles
I hesitate I stop to think
I’m not deserving what I seek
I’m on the verge Im on the brink
I’ve got to turn the other cheek
The way we are, the way we’ll be
We’re choosing now our destiny
Is it you or is it me
Seeing things we cannot see


You show me things I want to see
You tell me thing I want to hear
You take me to places that I want to be
Just tell me how do I believe


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Very different again. a tricky song i reckon! The chorus is outstanding nice one.

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the long brooding lines are well suited to the theme of endless despair. the chorus gives little relief, staying within the mellodic confines of the verses, with some extensions that makes the nihilistic lyric even more emphatic.

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I love seeing and hearing something a little different. You describe so well what it's like to have the same things going over and over again in your
mind. I never would have been able to sing this (I'm always saying this backwards-like pewsnaper) Smile I really like this one!

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"A bit of" is a great hook to open up with ...love all the repetition and the vocal counterpoints. Unique and interesting composition. Very modern. Good job.

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This is a very nice and catchy melody, very well performed with incredible and smart lyrics. The chorus is sublime! Very nice write