Now and Then

Now and Then

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Liner Notes: 

I dunno, this is my summer pop burst for this year. Guitars, Precision bass, fake organ, fake drums. Fake guitar feedback (done with a pedal).

I wrote the lyrics on a few-hour drive back the morning after a gig


Standing here at your door
like I never stood here before
But I traveled some crooked miles
just to see that crooked smile
and I'll travel those miles again
no regret for the time I spend

Oh I wanna see you again
more often than now and then

You're 99 miles away
got 99 reasons to see you today
If I can hold you close
maybe we can make a toast

Look at all the time we spent
maybe we can make it permanent
you and I aren't strangers anymore
stranger things have happened before

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The guitars on this are great. The instrumental interludes are perfect to put space between the lyrics that let the sentiment sink in. I love the tender emotion that is gorgeously delivered by you vocals on this melody. I like the use and dual meaning of stranger and the use of crooked to describe the road travelled to see her crooked smile. Perfect pop ballad!

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i like these shimmering guitars enfolding a love song without neurosis..just pure joy and desire, thats what summer love is all about.

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I do like those pop summer bursts. Sweet vocal for sure and I love the way it opens out into the big chorus harmonies. Some really nice guitar leads, too, really melodic!

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Good, enjoyable track. I like the crooked miles/crooked smile rhyme and how you've used the repetition of a word in the following line again (99, stranger). The chorus is catchy, and there are some nice lead guitar lines. I like the addition of the organ and the subtle percussion in the chorus.

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Looking at the lyrics...long-distance relationships. Section 1 has tells it all with lots of good rhymes. Next section the chorus, where distance doesn't matter. Love the 99 miles...sounds better than 100 miles. Stranger things have happened before. Yeah, lots of good story and rhymes here...nice job. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitars...sounds great...vocals now...sound good...good mix...good melody...chorus now...very're 99 miles 99 reasons to see you today....can clearly understand the lyrics...solo now...sounds great...look at all the times we spent...stranger things have happened before...chorus...Keys picked up at the end. Very nice demo. Strong vocals, lyrics, guitar, and melody...well done.

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This has the same kind of bittersweet classic rock feel of "Summer of 69" or "Don't Stop Believin'" to me--lots of heartache and sunshine at the same time. The mix sounds really nice, and I loved the "crooked mile"/"crooked smile" rhyme.

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This is summer pop, but a subversion because it is usually about how that summer fling was great, and this is very let's do this forever. Love the performance and the feel of the song. I've seen some things that would just be super commercially successful and can't understand why they aren't. This is one of them.