Out of Step

Out of Step

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Liner Notes: 

Mellotron samples, synths and guitar.

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thats nice and gentle and very pleasant to listen to! i love the mellotron

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For one thing, I just like mellotron sounds a lot. I like the quiet, mellow vocal, it fits the mood.

Cool story, our protagonist starts off sounding strong and independent, but we see he is lonely, feeling lost, and might be sinking

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Well, you've found your target in me. I was loving this from the beginning. Then you sing about being out of step and I loved it more. The combination of melancholy and proud defiance is a winner. Cool sounds all around

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This is lovely, mellow and sweet, your voice flows through the music, like it's a stream and your singing is the boat we're all in

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melancholy but not so sad that the singer is shackled to the mood. plenty of inventive creativity to keep the spark of life glowing