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Liner Notes: 

After 5 years I finally have the guts to spill a bit of what a librarian feels like these days around here:) It will take probably some more time to "liberate" science than music but well, who knows, as the Chinese curse says: may you live in interesting times! Greetings librarians! Well, scientists, too!


I wish I was a seagull
and shit on people all day long
I wish I was a sailor
and knew more sailor songs

I wish I had the time
to meddle with rock stars and actors
but I'm just a librarian
calculating impact factors

I could make you a professor
If you follow some simple rules
give me your list of publications
and a bottle of whiskey or two

don't you interrupt my lunch break
cause that's when I meditate
just send me to a conference
so I can forget about my state

one day when everything is published
and science belongs to the people
i'll put on my orange pijamas
and sing hare krishna

hare nobel, hare einstein
hare rohrschah, hare hare
hare rama, hare ramstein
hare wiley, hare springer
hare libgen, hare sci-hub
open access uber alles

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this land is your land with a bass squashng all within earshot. you bring woody guthrie to the next level beyond dylan...into the 2st century, the post everything to end all post everythings and all history is our private scrapbook to pillage. zeligs all. librarians will march to the marines hymn and the marines will learn to read. the assassins creed will be redacted and the new creed will read, nothing is new, I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

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Ha...this had me laughing from the opening couplet. I love the loose swing of it and the casual vocal. It's like an anthem sung while lying in a hammock. That krishna bit at the end is jamming

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Excellent mate. you tell it as it is! this is a real story. this is a song that should be heard. One of the best ive heard! awesome

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I'm getting a definite Neil Young vibe here, which is excellent.
And a little "Pink Moon" in there, too.
Great lyrics, especially the first two lines.
Nice relaxed guitar work.
The Krishna band took me by surprise, but works well!
Really nice job here!

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there are a great many awesome lines here, it really captures the despondent feeling you're coming from with a bit of bittersweet humor.