As Long as I have Lived

As Long as I have Lived

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Liner Notes: 

Another fine set of lyrics by Tony. Enjoyed singing this one for sure!


and so he went without a word to me
all he'd done is proved what I believed
no note, no hope, just dishes in the sink
then the kitchen walls came closing in

I wonder how, and I wonder when
my clock of love will start again
sat on the floor I draw my feet to me
rest my heavy head upon my knees

you were the one I wanted to be with
my love was all that I could give
I never even thought to ask what if
I will not love as long as I have lived
I will not love as long as I have lived

all my senses now are wide awake
do I have the strength for what it takes
I watch another rainy morning break
my universe is spinning just like a plate

well I wonder where, and I wonder how
and what is gonna happen to me now
why is love bringing my world down
I will not love as long as I have lived
I will not love as long as I have lived

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I so hoped I would get to listen to Tony's exceptional lyrics! Such a special folk song with two very talented songwriters! A true winner!

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“Clock of love” - clever line. Gorgeous vocals!

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Nothing more to say than a very nice lyric and a quality song!

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Lovely poignant lyric beautifully delivered with tender emotion. It tugs at the heartstrings.

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Could be country, could be pop, could be folk, could be classic gold. Tremendously well written and performed. Beautiful, with wonderful full instrumentation, terrific vocal and delicious harmonies. I'm singing along. Give rose

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I can feel that you enjoyed singing, your joy comes out even though the subject is sad. It's not saying that you didn't nail the emotion, you did, the joy you feel is the undercurrent in this sorrowful tale. You voice is great and I can see this working as country or country pop.