I'm Trying

I'm Trying

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Everyone is running down stars
No one make poetry anymore
We’re flat on our back half the time
Just madness and envy at the core

Honey I’m trying
I think I’m trying
I’m alive
I’m alive
Honey I’m lost
So far from home
Won’t you pick me up
And help me through the night

Coke bottle glasses and screens
All the girls arranged in a line
I’m over it I’m okay now
Don’t ask me again I’m fine


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another nice track. good driving guitar and nice lyrics well delivered - sounded like someone through the money in at the end! hope you were busking Smile

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Beautifully written. The chorus is very strong and your voice brings a lot of power to it, especially on the lines "Honey I'm trying/ I think I'm trying"

Susan Cantey's picture

Country gold. Existential angst made oh so sweet. Very well written and executed. Love your emotional vocal. Was the "coin drop" at the end intentional? I kinda liked it.

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Strong vocals.
Lyrics have substance.
Has soul and emotion as I listen. If I am going to listen to this kind of music, I like it to sound something like what you've given here.
Your voice reminds me of one of my favorites, KT Tunstall.
Enjoyed this.