Closer To Clarity

Closer To Clarity




Liner Notes: 

THIS IS ROUGH, my vocals are rough but the lyrics are pure unfiltered me so I figured it works and I just want this album done.

This is the last unleashing of my refined and rough self before my next album. A conclusion to my angst and hasty music making.


Written/Performed By : Kanttila


Operation's going good, well as good as it could
There are things you have to figure out, so you can know what it's all about
Always hard times, to get yourself in line
and determine how you're meant to act, learn new things and know when to retract

I'm closer to clarity, she showed me the way and I'm gonna get there
It's reverse polarity, I'm live and I'm gonna strive

To better days, to better ways, to better me, to better see
A way to kick aside my past, and live in the moment here at last
Get momentum, no paths invent them, gonna burn down Thunder Road
Light a fire to yesterday, grab the good and get away

I'm afraid, I'm afraid I'm afraid, I am afraid
My brain can work against me at times, kick me down when I'm fine
I am tormented, by what my mind invented
I can't let it be my definition, and continue to live in superstition

I'm closer to clarity, she showed me the way and I'm gonna get there
It's reverse polarity, I'm live and I'm gonna strive

It's okay to have a problem and it's okay have weakness
It doesn't mean that I am weak, it's up me to make the tweaks
Life is an all era of self discovery, and confusion is the only guarantee
and people like me and you don't have a key, because we just gotta keep living
and experiencing things to make us understand, who we are and what we gotta do
What we gotta do is carry one to find ourselves somewhere along
You're getting me to this point, grab my hand and come with me
I don't know where the fuck I'm going, but I want your company

This is my heart, this is me, Kurtis Kanttila at 23

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kahlo2013's picture

The music is fantastic! Way to rock it oit’ Wonderful build! I love the driving beat and the gritty guitars. The melody is fine and delivers the lyrics well. I love the soaring emotion in your vocals! Awesome job on this! I love the breakdown in the I’m afraid section. Very cool song’

jcollins's picture

Looking at the liner notes is almost sad...but not quite. It's been a hell of a good journey through your music this year. Please let me know about the release and or I can buy the pre-release. Of course, I do want high-quality audio. Your stuff is great Kurtis. Ok, I'm ready for the lyrics.

Looking at the lyrics...good rhymes in the first section. Yaaaa!. Never tried that but I might hijack someday for my lyrics. Yeah, the chorus is great. The next section is loaded with good rhymes and storytelling. I'm afraid section is good too. One fuck and it is NSFW? I don't think so bro. Very nice write and we've talked about what I think of your lyrics writing. This is a great example. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar...sounds good...another guitar...sounds really good...drums now...sounds good...vocals now...sounds good...real drums matter....can clearly understand the lyrics....Yaaaa!...toe-tapping and headbanging...better days...vocals flow nicely...I'm very good...Yaaaa! oooh...I'm closer to clarity....Yaaa!'s ok to have a problem...chopping guitars now...nice drums...vocals consistent with rhymes and tone...changeup now....vocals on the side...this is my heart this is me...and out. Awesome, really well done. I did miss the guitar solo but there is plenty of good guitar in the tune. Really good Kurtis and congratulations on a fantastic album. By far the best rock music I have heard in years by anybody. Let me know my friend, I want this record. See you next time.