23 Year Old Me

23 Year Old Me

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Liner Notes: 

It be like that.


Somebody is jealous of my youth
Are you an adult or a goof?
One day I won't be so young
I hope my improving will never be done

At 25 your brain gets stuck
That's what they say is it a bunch of muck
I don't want to believe
That this spirit will ever leave

I get better - the more I see
Twenty three - this ain't the best of me
My brain - keep the gears turning
and keep my declaration burning!

You have lived more than me
There is a different kind of way you see
I won't let it drag me down
Get the inspiration to relieve my frown

When she's here it's heavenly
I'm a little closer to clarity
It's always finding a way
Through the rain to the sunny day

I get better - the more I see
Twenty three - this ain't the best of me
I get stressed - I hit the slump
and I work myself out of the dumps!

I make mistakes, can't hardly forgive myself
The old way breaks, I can change to excel
Situations in your head, make you fall apart
Through dark hallways you're led, by your own doing
What your mind is brewing
Will be your undoing
If self betterment ain't what you're pursuing

and now I here stand
I'm 23 not a boy or a man
I'm just myself, that's it
I could be better I admit

and I want to get there
To show myself I care
We'll fight our battles side by side
Life is a journey, love is part of the ride

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oh yes this is the punk i know! very good the old age story works well again.

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Great and intense punk song, there isn't a single part of this I don't dig, the heavy energetic verses, the intense sing along like chorus, the powerful solo, your incredible piercing voice and these heavy instrumentals. Just awesome dude, awesome, you deserve tons of radio play.

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Looking at the lyrics...I hope your improving will continue to dominate even further...amazing talent bro. At 25 I was still single and doing good. I like your attitude because when you get married and have kids...hmmm...it's not about you anymore. Just something to think about. Yes, when she is here it usually is heavenly and I'm raising a red flag to be careful not to have children. Nevermind, just ignore and let me continue. A strong message in the I make mistakes part. Honestly, I think you are somebody who is going somewhere Kurtis, with your music man, I recognize the talent right from the beginning. The last part of love is part of the ride is exactly right. Just be careful and I believe you are going to get signed. BTW, can't wait for your album to be released. Please do let me know as soon as that happens. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. oh yes, hard rock...sounds great...good guitars and vocals...drums kick ass too...can clearly understand the lyrics...good mix...moves quickly...love that riff on the right guitar....solo now...sounds great...I make mistakes....can't hardly forgive myself...I'm just myself that's it....I could be better I admit...and I want to get better....love is part of the ride...changeup or outro...ok and something is still happening....never know with you...sounds great...fade out. Hell yeah, I like it a lot. Another brilliant recording and performance. I like it a lot.

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Gosh, I can't even remember when I was 23...
But I still have an open mind!
Really nice punk track here.
I'm liking the rippin' guitar solo.
Yeah, a great straight-up punk track for sure.
Lovely little bit at the end there.
Great job here!

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Love the high energy on this one! The vocals sound great, I'm especially enjoying the call-response sort of structure on the choruses, and the cool growl-y tone on some lines, like "To show myself I care" near the end. I'm also really digging the outro. Great work!