Rise for the huge longing

Rise for the huge longing

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Liner Notes: 

When in that mood, I tend to like both longing and comfort when listening to songs.

It's a work in progress.

Ideas welcome.

Thank you for listening.



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I can certainly understand the comfort and longing and this has both. Very nice!

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wow it starts off blazing a la Muse! Great track mate. love everything about it

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I love the heavy start and the almost mournful melody, the bass is so evident and the choir sound incredible. Really sorrowful and angry at the same time. Very dramatic. I agree with @coolparadiso that it has a lot of Muse in it. But it's more dramatic. If I had a better way to record vocals i would offer to sing lyrics to this intense and lovely melody.

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This has a sweeping epic kind of song that conveys a lingering longing in such a powerfully emotive way. It is really gorgeous as the layers weave together so beautifully and the song evolves. It really took me to a totally different head and heart space. The longing was that palpable. Well done!

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souds to me like a modern arrangement of themes suggested by the ennio morricone soundtracks for euro westerns, which means i like it.

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Listening on my monitors...sounds pretty full...I need the headphones...hold...better...I hear all kinds of sound...drums, bass, choir, synth...can't identify some of the sounds...which is a good thing...good sound design. This would work well with film...fade out. I got the gist of it with my headphones and sounded really good. Monitors are not setup right and it is suppose to be better...lol. You have to have them in the center of the room and mine are not. However, I have a $200 headphones in this room and could hear it well. Let's listen again. Full sound...love that bass....love how the drums drop on beat 7. Bass hits nicely...I have no idea how you do that...lol. Fade out. Very nice and unique sound. great job on this.

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This is like a big heavy blanket for the ears. I love the full range of sound you have here, from the comfy lows on up. There's lot of cool rhythmic changes, too. I like the way you sort of waltz along and then mix it up. The ghostly stuff up high is really cool. And I like the subtle percussion you bring in at times

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This is a really dense track here; very full of sonic goodies.
Your guitar sounds like some kind of alien insect.
Excellent mix and production, Ferry.
Really well done; I always enjoy listening to your tracks!

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A real psychedelic trip! That thick guitar is a treat, and that clickey percussion works well. Nice melodic bass as well! Huge overall sound ... like a sonic sandstorm in the desert. "Epic!," as the kids say ...

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I love the spacious and lonely feeling to the wall of sound when this song kicks in! The dynamics where it drops back down are nice, and the ebb and flow of the languid guitars.

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The title is very fitting to the tune. Nice melodies and wall of sound. Sometimes a bit too dense in my headphones

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Very nice, very nice. Lots of guitar riffs, counter riffs, different sounds, and moods. There's yearning but it's restless and active yearning, full of energy. I don't know why this came to me but I think this is very European music. An American just couldn't do this kind of music with this kind of feeling and vibe. Smile