Whispering in the wind

Whispering in the wind

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Liner Notes: 

I saw (about a half hour late) that today's skirmish was the title 'whispering in the wind'.. and of course my mind went right away to that first song from Bob Dylan's second album "freewheelin'" recorded in 1962-63, ya all know the song, I'm sure. So this is a little bit of 'using that as a take-off , written very quickly and recorded just as quick.

curious what folks think of this one...


How many roads lead from where we are
The question is whispering in the wind
How much goodwill still in the reservoir
The question is whispering in the wind

The questions blow thru and won’t let us rest
no one really knows what we should do next

How many years can people just not care
The question is whispering in the wind
How many lies made out of thin air
The question is whispering in the wind

The questions blow thru and won’t let us be
What’s going on, no one seems to agree

How many bad choices will we make
The question is whispering in the wind
When will we realize all that is at stake
The question is whispering in the wind

The questions blow thru and keep on coming
And slowly reveal what we are becoming

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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Love that this raises more important questions rather than answers ... great folk feel and love the morph from the inspiration!

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Yes Dylanesk for sure but so much your own as well. Good one!

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I can clearly see the "Blowin' In The Wind" lineage but I don't think it's derivative in a negative way. If we didn't all have influences, there would be no new tunes. It's a good, snappy folk tune that's quite listenable. Good work.

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Looking at the lyrics...the first two sections are really strong...I like it. The next two sections are very strong as well..I like it. The last section...very strong again Mike...you killed it on the lyrics. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar....sounds good...vocals....sounds good...sounds really good...good melody...nice shuffle on the guitar....nice changeup on the two-line sections....can clearly understand the lyrics and message...love the vocals...the question is whispering in the winds...pretty jamming tune...Bob would love this...the question is whispering in the winds....nice finish. You killed it Mike, great skirmish.

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A fine ode to Dylan to be sure. It's well done - Do you think (other) listeners will compare it a bit too much to Blowin' in the Wind? I guess the major chords don't give it as much serious "oomph" as the lyrics do.

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Yes clever pick out of bits of dylan yet keeping its own integrity! Nice one.

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I love how you use that melody but mask it enough to make it yours and at the same time inverting and subverting it. I've always been more Shakespearean in this matter, with there being more mysteries. So, I agree with you and prefer yours over Bob's

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I agree with the comment above, the song is yours but has feelings of the source melody. Your voice suits this genre and style perfectly I think.
I enjoyed the listen, thank you Smile

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Whereas Dylan’s was about the answer, I like how you flipped this to be about the unsnswered questions swirling, certainly ones that are hovering around us all the time, waiting to find out: when will we hit our limit? Nice use of both refrain and chorus. I don’t know if I would have made the connection to Blowin in the Wind if you had not alluded to it. To me it feels different enough to stand by itself. And highly relevant.

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I agree with others - I can hear the influence of Dylan's song, but I don't think it's unusual in music to hear influences. The two-line B parts sounds different. I think it's a good song for our current times.