Satellite Eyes

Satellite Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

We built this freeform, track by track:

nancyrost: Ashbory bass
pfoo: electric guitar
nancyrost: more bass, added distortion
pfoo: drums
nancyrost: electric piano choir
pfoo: synth
nancyrost: lyrics, vocals, mixing

... and ended up with some creepy fun!


The vines are blazing down the streets of green
Satellite eyes
Confectionary bells are ringing
Satellite eyes

Satellite eyes
Satellite eyes

Instagram Buddha,
Satellite eyes
Converge in a whisper
Satellite eyes

Satellite eyes
Satellite eyes

(Some repeated lines from previous verses and improvised stuff about the moon, I think)

Satellite eyes
Satellite eyes

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Love the swirly avant garden feel to this with the repetitious lyrics, vocal layers, and echoes, with the buzzy bass and percussion. This transports me into a mesmerizing haunting kind of head space. Cool song!

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I love this!!! its very freeform but very 'feels inevitable'-- with those offhand phrases like 'confectionary bells (can i get one!), 'satellite eyes' and 'instagram buddah' that sound worthy of someone like David Bowie... love that reverby/echoy guitar too, totally pulls it together...

elliptical and strange and totally works!!!

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Yes freeform is great when it works like this! Sounds like a satellite. Nice

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Yeah, that's pretty cool! I'm picking up a Berlin-era Bowie vibe. Did I miss the creepy fun at the end? Maybe--I wasn't wearing headphones. That's a cool way to make a song. I'd say you succeeded

Fuzzy's picture

Gosh yeah, this is really really great!
I like your vocals the best, I think.
Hmm... I'm gonna have to Download this for repeated enjoyment.
Sounds kinda like an early 80's King Crimson jam being produced by Brian Eno.
Which is a great thing.
Excellent collab for sure.

cts's picture

Dayyyyyuummmmm!! This is all kinds of cool! It sounds so trippy and just...out there. It's moody and free-forming and tight. I wish I could do this but I know I could not capture something like this. I just couldn't. Y'all are awesome together! Seriously. And yeah, I'm gonna download this! Biggrin

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I like that title and the way it's repeated throughout. That bass is extra cool, I love that rhythmic, almost beating, there towards the end.

headfirstonly's picture

Creepy fun indeed! If you told me you'd got William Gibson to write the lyrics, I'd believe you. "Instagram Buddha" is particularly inspired. Smile

Silver Machine's picture

Oh yeah, mind altering drugs and Spaghetti Western guitar. Ennio Morricone plays with chemical, hallucinatory paranoia.
I ascended to a higher astral plane and had to be helped down by firemen.
Lovely stuff.