Whispering In The Wind

Whispering In The Wind

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish September 8, 2019 "Whispering In The Wind"

Vocal performance inspired by @phoenixash

Side Note: I don't drink or smoke pot.



Whispering In The Wind

Time and time again
Just when I begin
You know where I've been
Whispering in the Wind

I just stop for a couple drink
I wasn't trying to start a stink
I can't help it if they hang on me
They know my status and how it will be
But you saw with your eyes
You wasn't even surprised
But it's not what you think
I only wanted a drink


Years have gone since you left me
I never thought you would leave
Whispering in the wind
This marriage has come to an end
I have to let it all go
But I want you to know
I never had sex with anyone but you
But you don't believe that is true

Don't stop for drinks just go straight home
One day you'll find yourself alone
I know I am an alcoholic
But I only want to drink
Please come back home to me

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Nice song, with the trademark riff. The music is more upbeat than the lyrics but they don't Clash, nice skirmish.

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Classic country drinking song! So interesting how different all our skirmish son's are

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. Your lyrics are great. Your guitar solo sounds awesome.

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I always comment on your guitar solos as I love them so much and this is no exception. I like the muted tone on this one, it fits the song well. Love the pointed lyric of that second verse. It is amazing how many relationships fall apart based on accusations and false beliefs. Strong chorus that delivers the hook well.

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you captured that country 'sitting at the bar wondering where did it all go wrong' vibe... nicely done!

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Good listening country rocker. I like the chord change into the chorus. You have a good, deep country type voice. Works great on this.

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This is really emotional, and like I thought, the depth of tone brings a different and enticing shine to your vocals and to the song itself. the song really feels like you are alone at bar thinking about the one who got away and oh gosh why did they go away. Super sad!

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Love the country style vibe in this one Smile This story happens to millions around the planet, so sad Sad You captured it very clearly.