Whispering in the Wind

Whispering in the Wind

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Liner Notes: 

So I was in the park (again!) trying to find a quiet spot to record the vocal, but there were pesky people everywhere! Finally found a secluded spot in the woods. I don't mind the birds chirping, the breeze in the leaves, and the bullfrog miraculously croaking in time and on "A" just before the second verse!

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How many secrets does your heart hold?
How many stories have been left untold?
The truth will out
Listen, you can hear
Whispering in the Wind

How many secrets you sought to conceal
You thought would never be revealed
Foolish and unwise
Listen, it draws near
Whispering in the Wind

Thinking you’re the only one
Who hides in the dark
The burden you carry
Has left a tell- tale mark
‘Til one day you learn
There are other voices
Whispering in the Wind

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I love it! Your being accompanied by birds even a frog!
Awesome skirmish!

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Wow thats a beauty! The birds sound perfect. Great lyric and it already sounds like a classic.

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This is very beautiful, and somehow reminds me of those 60s natural ballads. Not sure why, but it does.
I really REALLY like all the natural sound effects. They are just perfect with your guitar and vocal Smile

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I love the structure with the questions and the hook like at the end of each stanza. So beautifully delivered with your vocals on this gentle and beautiful melody on top of the lovely fingerpicking. I love the ambient outdoor noises. Lovely bridge.

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wow! first, that opening line melody , with the way it swoops up and the elaboration you give the melody in the bridge/chorus is really fantastic and so well done.
Great lyric, really great musical setting, nature and all! fantastic- this is a keeper for sure!!

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Looking at the lyrics...the heart is on the wind...nice. v2 again with whispering on the wind says I know all of your secrets. Almost like the boogie man. The last section again nails your message perfectly. Nice job on this Corinne...I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar...vocals...birds...sounds good...nice singing...can clearly understand the lyrics...nice guitar picking...how many secrets you sought to conceal...whispering in the wind...octave jump...left a tell tale....till one day you learn there are other voices whispering in the wind....children in back...fade out. Very nice!

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Very deep poetry here. Worthy of another reading. Good that you had some help from nature's rhythm section. Good work. Thanks for hosting this weekly adventure.