Whispering in the Wind

Whispering in the Wind

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Saw the prompt (thanks!) and this came pouring out. Would love to have someone do this.


Whispering in the Wind
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I loved that big old willow tree
At the bottom of the hill
It's been gone for many years
But it's a little part of me

I loved that old worn path
I walked along as a kid
There are houses there now
It's progresses aftermath

My childhood for me
Is whispering in the wind
I've lost so many places
I've lost too many friends
I can still hear their voices
Whispering in the wind

Wendi, Ronny
Sondra, Gaye
Denny, Bruce
Couldn't stay

I loved that big farmhouse
It sat up on that big hill
All that's left is a foundation
A memory that I can't douse

I loved those deep dark woods
The caves and small springs
I think they may still be there
And I'd go there if I could

Repeat chorus

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A real nice story with a tinge of sadness and a wish for those old days. A story i could really relate to! Nice skirmish

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This is lovely. Sweet, with a tinge of sadness. Well done indeed!

Amanda West's picture

Another sad one Sad Very evocative of your childhood (or an imaginary one). Cool idea for the bridge, nice and different Smile

kahlo2013's picture

This is really beautiful! I love that you put the names in the bridge and imagine these names being beautifully whispered with echos with sparse music in the song. Love the memories and nostalgia you evoke.

musicsongwriter's picture

Oh, so sad and beautifully poignant. Very moving nostalgic lyrics Cindy.
I didn't participate this time around Smile

jcollins's picture

Nice opening sequence taking a stroll down memory lane. Great description too. Chorus delivers the hook in a pro way. The bridge is a surprise and a great idea. Nice finish with very good visuals. Cindy, you killed it again.

mike skliar's picture

great take on the prompt! and well done, I like the recitation of the names, really a well thought out detail...

JWHanberry's picture

Great reminiscence. The chorus is really touching. Very fine skirmish work.

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It’s seems important to revisit the pieces that were so integral to our childhood, even if they aren’t there anymore. I loved reading the particulars in your lyrics, and even though they aren’t my own, they touched that place in me that needs to do the same thing. And done so well in that less familiar (at least to me) rhyme scheme. Thank you for sharing this.