Treasure Dreams: New Demo

Treasure Dreams: New Demo

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Treasure Dreams: Collaboration with Karen Muenchen

Liner Notes: 

Thank you for listening to my collaboration with my youtube collaborator, an amazing singer and instrumental performer.
Thank you to everyone who kindly commented on my piano track and lyrics. The original posting is private at the moment bit i will charge it at a later stage.


Posted on Youtube.

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Very nice! You have so much talent and I have never not liked what you've created. Super!

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karen does such a fine job of interpreting your music while being faithful to your vision, and you are such a gifted lyricist as well as a maestro. this is among my favorites of many favorite collaborations you have done.

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Love the harmonic progression. It goes in beautiful and unexpected places. Reminds me a little of late 19th century song, and a little of mid century Broadway. Is that weird? Anyway, I like it.