try to breathe

try to breathe

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Liner Notes: 

A Saturday session improvisation with the Catalytic Perverters, including a mumbletree vocal. The truth is a lie.


[this is an attempted translation from mumbletreese to english]

you can breathe
you can try to be as if you're off your knees
you can breathe
you can try to breathe and live the life you lead
run away
you'll live to die or run another day
you can leave

you can breathe
you can breathe

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The message is very clear "you can try to breathe and live the life you lead". Must breathe...I'm ready for the audio now...hold. drums...bass speakers)...drum groove...guitar now...sounds cool..good tempo...vocals now...can clearly understand the jam...I like the vocals can breathe....guitar...drum jam and out. Nice, I like it. Not sure why this was a zong...oh well. I like it...great job by all.