Scene in a Move

Scene in a Move

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Liner Notes: 

Catch up already, Becky!


Half moon swimming in a sky of denim
The kids are playing on the lawn by the stop sign
Fireflies floating through the August night
The credits go falling as we pan to a black pine

It’s a scene
In a movie
About you leaving
It’s the scene
In a movie
After it all went wrong
It’s a scene
In a movie
About you leaving
It’s a scene in a movie
Where you’re gone

Talking to the TV but it don’t answer
Listening for the phone but it don’t ring
Ice cream truck tinkling high and eerie
And the camera pulls out to catch the whole sad thing


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Looking at the lyrics...firefly's floating jumps at me because of my experience in the summertime Shreveport Lousiana. Stop sing jumps too. August tells us the time of year. The pine that I have is brown and extremely annoying continuously having to pick it up. Chorus is sad and sounds country music. Talking to the do that with sports sometimes. My phone is quiet tonight...hmmm. Haven't seen an ice cream truck lately now that you mention it. A scene from a movie. Ok, I like your lyrics and I'm ready for the audio...hold. Vocals and guitar...sounds good...sounds country...can clearly understand the's a scene in a movie that you leave in...nice melody and signing...nice note leaving...talking to TV but it doesn't answer...and the cameral pulls out to catch the whole thing...chorus again...I like the singing a lot. guitar is for the ending softening. Great job Becky.

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This is a very sad song. It feels like you are replaying the hurt of this events over an over. It seems like one of those videos were people are crying watching home videos. But it's a home video of the crying, self reflective and intense, very dramatic... and surprisingly quite catchy (for the theme and feel) as I hummed it along for the second chorus. I love it!

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Beautifully sad! Which always makes me happy. This is a girl with a guitar and vocals at her best. This is what I would do if I could. Love it!

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Solid contrast between the hanging on one note verse and the melodic chorus. I especially like the long leavin note.