Everybody Dies!

Everybody Dies!

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Liner Notes: 

My first two skirmish songs today were pretty intense, so I thought I'd go light and bust out the uke for the last one. I should've known better... Made it in under an hour though this time. Woo hoo!



Everybody’s furthermore is just around the bend
You don’t have to try too hard
You’ll make it in the end

So don’t you fret and don’t you worry, stress or agonize
Everybody has an end
Everybody dies

Not much you can do about it
Keep your eyes off the prize
Not sure what’s after death
But I’m sure we’ll be surprised

You’re just robbing yourself
Of the joys of today
Some much to see, so much love
So many ways to play

You don’t have to take
My unsolicited advice
Just trying to help you out
Just trying to be nice

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Ha! Great perspective and fun upbeat melody! Love the quirky truth of the lyric! Fantastic chorus!!!

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I'm a uke guy so you win. Nice one. I need a bit of light . So thx

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I like your melody and it works with the uke very well. I love how you sing "everybody dies" in your happy voice. Heh, this is a good listen.

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Much fun in this song despite the last line. Great way to end your show to an unappreciative, hostile crowd.

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Great uke playing.
This reminds me that I haven't written a death song lately...
Really nice lyrics.
Catchy melody for sure.
Good job!!
Excellent work for only an hour!

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Love the line "I'm sure we'll be surprised". This is really uplifting and pretty good advice, too Smile

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A jaunty, upbeat song - which came as a surprise, given that the title made me think this was going to be a Game of Thrones reference Smile

That uke sounds great!