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Liner Notes: 

A quickly written punk (post punk) song


She caught me looking at another girl
A little piece of half wrapped candy
But to be fair that girl was hot
She was quite the dandy

My girl laid into me for an hour
She went on and on and on
Well, I just about had my fill
Of her telling me how I was wrong

She told me all the reasons that I'm no good
I never do all the things she thinks I should
I'm not agreeable, I always contradict
And furthermore... I'm a piece of shit

But come to find out she's not a saint
'Cause I caught flirting with my brother
She screamed and yelled, looked me in the eye
Said she didn't think we loved one another

So I told her all the reasons that she's no good
She never does the things I think she should
She's not agreeable, she always contradicts
And furthermore... she's a piece of shit

I told her all the reasons that she's no good
I never do the things she thinks I should
She's not agreeable, I always contradict
And furthermore... we're both a piece of shit

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I grinned from start to finish. That's how I know I really like something. Great job.

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Oh yeah! Great punk feel to the music and attitude on the lyric! Love the crunchy sound and driving rythym. The lyrics took a fun turn and punched it at the end! Enjoyed immensely!

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I like your description of the hot girl. "Half wrapped candy", yum! No one would blame you for looking...
But what does the brother look like? Is he hot too? Can you blame her for looking...
If only people were ugly. Life would be a lot easier. That's the theme of your lyrics, right? It must be. I'm never wrong.

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Yup i like the candy bit as well. Mine was in the same ilk, i like a bit of spitty lyrics. Nice skirmish