Birth of a Memory

Birth of a Memory

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Liner Notes: 

Another one in an hour and a half. Hmphf. But! I dig it. Biggrin

Bonus words: photograph, place


Guess you missed my memo yesterday
And there’s a lot that I should say
But I’m not gonna waste my time

Cuz you never listened before
So I’m walking out the door
Not gonna lose my mind

To (from) the head games you play
To (from) the awful things you say
Time for me to go away
And become

Your memory
Your memory
Something you held once upon a time

Become your memory
Your memory
Time for me to leave you behind

And become your memory

I hope every picture, every place
Reminds you of my face
And you what you lost cuz you were blind

I’ve got a lot I wanna do
And I don’t care if you’re blue
Decided to reclaim my mind

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Very strong lyrics and take on the skirmish with a bonus point. Looking forward to hearing your lyrics. I can't listen now as my Internet only works on some sites and not on the player in the late hours.

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I really love the melody and your vocal delivery on this song. Beautiful! The upbeat strength and empowerment is great! You go girl!

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I love the use of memo. Dems fighting words. Yup good melody as well. Nice skirmish.

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Very beautiful and catchy song. Powerful lyrics and delivery. Very memorable music. Loving your singing and playing.